We are Salcedo Group, Inc.

Located in Grand Prairie, SGI and it’s leaders have been engineering a positive change in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex since 1983.

We are a family-owned firm that maintains a simple focus — to serve as an asset to our community by providing quality professional engineering services that utilize cost-effective, technologically savvy, and time-proven designs.

Dallas Roots

Dating back to the 80’s Luis Salcedo has been a mainstay in the Oak Cliff community. He has focused his professional practice in and around Southern Dallas, and his firm has made its home in Southern Dallas for decades, including offices in the Jefferson Tower, on Hampton Road, and currently in the Oak Cliff Tower.

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Careers at SGI

SGI strives to be a positive influence in our community by providing attractive, professional, and well-paying employment opportunities to our peers in our community. We are an equal-opportunity employer, and we are always looking for bright minds to join our group!

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SGI Certifications: NCTRCA - M/DBE, State of Texas - HUB, Federal - SDB